Evidence Found Proving that Giants Lived in the Earth's Past

Giants Lived In The Earth's Past.

This part is easier to understand than the part before .So now you have learned something new which is that wicked angels came down to the Earth and had sex with human women and their chidren became giants.Many people might find this story hard to believe.Some people think that, "sons of God",are refering here to human men but ,"sons of God" ,is another way of saying angels and the translators in The Living Bible believe angels is the correct translation.Lets go back to the correct translation(word for word) press James.Is the story refering to angels or men?The only thing one can find is the point of the children becoming giants.That would point in the direction of angels and not human men.But the Bible doesn't describe the giants here so we don't know from this passage in the Bible how they look.If we knew how they looked that might help decide for sure if ,"sons of God",are angels or human men.In the book of 1Samuel of the Bible there is a story of a fight between David, a young man, and a giant man named Goliath.The giant man is described as been taller than 9 feet.(1Samuel 17)

Evidence proving the existence of giants on the Earth in earlier times has been found and is written in the book, Stranger than Science, which contains different stories.The author,Frank Edwards, is well known and respected.

(Stranger than Science,by Frank Edwards,c1959,Bantam books of Canada Ltd.,Toronto,Canada,June,1967,printed in Canada,paperback edition)(Hardcover edition,Lyle Stuart,New York,U.S.A)(Part 2,31 Giants in the Earth, page 76,77,78) One of the intriguing puzles of science is the evidence which supports the Biblical assertion that "there were giants in those days."

For centuries ,the Chinese sought out the fossilized remains of extinct dinosaurs and other huge creatures and ground them into powder.This was the stuff of which dragons had been made, they reasoned, and they paid fancy prices for it as a medicine.

In other lands, including our own, the finding of such comparatively recent remains as those of mastodons was frequently misconstrued as skeletal remains of giant humans.On the island of Shemya, out in the Aleutians, mastodon leg bones were pointed out by the natives as evidence that their ancestors had been ponderous fellows ,to say the least.

Legends of many races included stories of giant men who once roamed the earth, and an intensive search of scientific records shows that there is physical evidence that supports those legends.

Near Brayton, on the headwaters of the Tennessee River, were found some remarkable footprints,impressed in what is now solid rock.The tracks included those of a human heel ball thirteen inches wide.

The marks showed clearly that the fellow whose stride turned to stone in that distant day also had six toes, and that he was a contemporary of a giant horse-like animal whose hoofprints measured eight by ten inches.The petrified prints, scores of them, indicate that giant men and prehistoric horses existed contemporaneously.


In 1833,soldiers digging a pit for a powder magazine at Lompock Rancho,California, hacked their way through a layer of cemented gravel and came up with the skeleton of a giant man about twelve feet tall.The skeleton was surrounded by carved shells, huge stone axes, and blocks of porphyry covered with unintelligible symbols. The giant was also noteworthy in still another respect :He had a double row of teeth, both upper and lower.

When the natives began to attach some religious significance to the find, authorities ordered the skeleton and all the artifacts secretly reburied- and , of course ,lost to the scientific study they deserved.

This particular giant, incidentally,bore marked similarity to another,that of a giant man with double rows of teeth whose skeletal remains were dug up on Santa Rosa Island, off the California coast. Subsequent research has shown that he,or his descendants, feasted on the small elephants which once lived on that island and which have vanished like the giants who ate them, countless ages ago.

Near Crittenden,Arizona, in 1891, workmen excavating for a commercial building came upon a huge stone sarcophagus eight feet below the surface.The contractor called in expert help, and the sarcophagus was opened to reveal a granite mummy case which had once held the body of a human being more than twelve feet tall -a human with six toes, according to the carving of the case.But the body had been buried so many thousands of years that it had long since turned to dust.Just another silent witness to the truth of Genesis, which tells us that there were giants in the earth in those days.

After reading the paragraphs above from the book ,Stranger than Science, you would find some interesting facts which support the idea of the past existence of giant humans living on the Earth.Also ,it supports the idea that the giant humans came about from wicked angels in physical form having sex with women.First, it is mentioned in two places that the giant humans had sex toes instead of five toes.Second,it is mentioned in two places that the giant humans are about 12 feet tall.The third thing is that the giant humans had two rows of teeth (upper and lower teeth), which is mentioned in two places.All this evidence is enough to convince someone that giant humans once lived on the Earth and that they are the chidren of bad angels and women as mentioned in the Bible.

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