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Giant Humans and U.F.O.s

Is it possible for angels who are spirit beings to change into physical human beings.Through God's power we all will agree it is possible.It has happened before with good angels and the story is described in the Bible in the book of Genesis 18 and 19.The story is quoted from the king James Version.Here two angels come to visit Abraham in human form(men) and they eat food there and after they go to visit Lot and they again eat food there.If angels in human form can eat food then one can say that they can have sex to and how would their children look like.

The wicked angels were cast down onto the Earth when they attacked God in Heaven.So they live in the spirit world of the Earth in prison you could say. They will be judged some time in the future by God. The leader of the wicked angels called demons is satan who is in prison with them but his power hasn't been removed from him.He was given much power when he (Lucifer) was a good angel and he was put in charge of one third of the angels.The other two powerful angels in Heaven are Michael and Gabriel who have remained good angels.He rebelled against God and influenced the angels in his charge to join with him against God and they were all cast down onto the Earth.(Revelation 12:7-10,second time) ,(Revelation 12:3-4,stars mean angels).Read the story for yourself in the Bible .Ask where to find the information in the Bible.


Some people believe that God placed Lucifer and one third of the angels on the earth to develop it in a beautiful way and they disobeyed God and developed it in not a beautiful way with dinosaurs and all the violence that took place then with animals killing animals for food.In the Bible God gave the animals plants for their food(Genesis 1:29-30) and to the first humans He gave plants for their food(Genesis 2:16-17, Revelation 22:1-2).After the flood God told Noah and his family that they could eat clean animals as food if they wanted but not unclean animals.An example of unclean animals are animals that kill other animals for food.

After Adam and Eve disobeyed God then you find animals killing other animals for food like during the time of the dinosaurs.Because God put the Earth under the care of Adam and Eve (Genesis2:15)and they decided to follow satan instead of God.Now the Earth is under the control of satan until Jesus comes and takes control of it away from satan.Satan can only do what God allows him to do.The Bible says that when Jesus comes back to the Earth animals will not eat other animals anymore for food .They will eat plants. You should check these things for yourself and we will help you as much as we can.

So the question is how can the wicked angels leave the spirit world and come into the physical world. Satan probably has the power to change the wicked angels into some physical form like men or something similar since he has the power to create dinosaurs.God might allow it if humans get involved in the situation and invite the wicked angels to come and visit them. People communicate with the wicked angels while under a trance or under the influence of drugs for example. The wicked angels would pretend to be good beings ,maybe from another planet like today or in the past times from the spirit world.

They would probably not walk from one place to another but move about in some device in which they would be shielded from the weather(wind,rain,snow,hail, sun,extreme temperatures)and also from insects and animals.Also , this device would conceal them from people.This sounds like the U.F.O.s that have been seen in the past on the earth and continue to be seen by people.YOU CAN E-MAIL US AT LIFE@WORLDHISTORYNEWS.ORG

The Bible says that in the times before Jesus returns, the Earth will be full of demons.It can't be talking about the spirit world because we know that is where they live so it must mean that large numbers of them will come onto the Earth in physical form.They must be planning to spread false ideas when they communicate with people so as to go against God's plan to save all people and angels from sin through Jesus.(Revelation 16:13-14,9:20)The Bible says that when Jesus arrives on the Earth in Jerusalem that armies will march against him.Perhaps they might think that Jesus is from another planet and that he is attacking the planet Earth.This might come from the wicked angels on the Earth in physical form at that time.

The Bible says the penalty for sin is death but Jesus has payed the penalty for all through his death. It is also written in the Bible that God will allow people to believe a delusion if they choose to do so. He might be talking about U.F.O.s here.He warns people about future events in the Bible, for example in the book of Revelation.Will the wicked angels change their ways and join with the good angels?Will people read the Bible and learn about God(the family) and future events and so not be deceived by wicked people or angels?We hope and pray they do change and listen to God.

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